“Jon is one of the most dedicated, insightful, and professional people I have had the pleasure of working with.”
Alex Stevenson, Commercial Director, Prospect Publishing

“Having worked with many people involved in the technical side of journalism, I can say confidently that Jon Bernstein is one of the few people who can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. He gets things done!”
Dominic Ponsford, Editor, Press Gazette

“I had the pleasure of working with Jon when he joined DCM Europe 2013 as a chairman. His passion for the industry and preparation for the role made him a fantastic hit with the audience.” Zehra Chudry, Conference Director, Clarion Events

“[Jon] has moderated events across a wide variety of subjects and for a range of clients including countless fringe events at the Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative annual party conferences . . . The events are always engaging and Jon is always a pleasure to work with.”
Rosalind Goates, Partnership and Events Manager, New Statesman

“Bright and insightful. Jon has a gifted eye for new media and a clear minded approach to the future of news.”
Ed Fraser, Managing Editor, Channel 4 News

“Erudite and highly articulate, Jon's understanding, analysis and representation of the media are thoroughly engaging. His ability to express the complexities of the media with clarity and humour make him a very welcome authority on the subject.”
Will Sturgeon, Executive Director, Media Strategy, GolinHarris


“Jon is a self-starter,
quietly inspirational, and completely dedicated . . . I have huge respect and admiration both for
his work and the way he undertakes it.”

Jon Snow, Presenter
Channel 4 News